Newly developed by Steamflo is the “Steamflo Rasulplus” which has additional features to the standard Rasul:

(Extra Option)”Steamflo Vapour Mist” –  which can also be used as a “Steamflo Vapour Mist” on its own

The Steam Facility can be used as a steam on its own

Rasul program:

Mud Packing – Main Lights off Fibre Optics on Pause – Steam – Pause – Rain – Pause  – (Vapour Mist)  – Pause – Fibre Optics off- Main lights on Facility to keep all lights on all the time

Facility to have steam on its own

Facility to have ”Steamflo Vapour Mist” on its own

The Rasul controls have the facility to use the chamber for either a steam room or rasul, when auto activated main lights are switched off and optic lights, music , or any attached components on, time settings (1) Mud Application (2)Mud Drying (3) Steam Humidification (4) Transition (5) Rain (6) Time Out main lights on

Sensation Showers – Vichy Showers & More

Shower Body Dryer

Optional Extra: Body Dryers incorporated in our steam rooms and Rasulplus shower areas.