Technical Features

  • Unique designed Steamflo incoloy hard water heating elements, can withstand at least 30 min of dry operation.
  • Casing is of stainless composite, reservoir is of stainless steel.
  • Solid State Relays (commercial/Industrial).
  • Water Savings: Steamflo offers automatic or manual flushing ( manual being a water saver).
    • Manual: Two methods: 1. Drain valve on unit  2. A press button at control.
    • Automatic: System flushes for two minutes after each shut down.

Industrial: Low pressure

Label Heat Shrinking – Sterilizing – Concrete Curing

Production line for WACO Industries for the mines

Domestic, Commercial, Gyms, Wellness  

3kW On/Off 2.4 cube

Designed for a small shower cubicle of 1 X 1 X 2.5 m

Produces steam under 0.5 bar pressure

Water consumption approximately 4 ltrs per hour

Currency rating 14 amps,

Average temperature :40 – 45 degrees Centigrade

Controls: (situated inside the cubicle)Press on/off button incorporating an LED indicator (the controls  can be situated inside of the shower cubicle for emergency  switch off)

Ideal for asthma sufferers requiring steam humidity

Standard Steamflo Models

Capacity Guidelines

Cubic metre kW
2.5 3
2-4 6
4-6 9
6-8 12
8-10 15
10-12 18
12-16 24
16-18 27

For gymnasiums, clubs and wellness centres. For special customisation contact us.

Download technical specifications:

Installation for 6-9kW generator

Installation for 12-18kW generator

Electrical supply info

Steam Nozzle

Highly polished stainless steel (chrome effect) one nozzle up to 9kW

2 nozzles 12 – 15 – 18kW (Contact us if in excess of 18kW)

Back Plate  70mm dia

Nozzle Protrusion 30mm

Nozzle 40mm dia


Temperature Controls

Digital Time/Temperature

Operation Instruction Settings will be memorised even in the event of power failure.

Temperature Setting: Press M left button, while temperature display dots are flashing set temperature by pressing up or down indicators to increase or decrease, recommended starting setting at 45c, wait for flashing to cease, temperature is now set.

Time Setting: Press On/Off right button, while time displays flashing dots, press up or down to increase or decrease time setting, wait for flashing to stop, time is now set.

165mm dia

Internal auxiliary/temperature sensor

The auxiliary press switch incorporated on the temperature sensing plate allows for switching On/Off without going to the main control.

In the event of an emergency the system can be shut down by pressing the internal button, the system can be started by pressing the same button.

The main digital control memorises all settings even in the event of a power failure

85 mm  dia

Hi Lo Control

Hi Lo models do not have the Digital Control facility, one bathes at one’s own comfort, the control is situated in a convenient position inside the cubicle, press On/Off button to activate unit, blue LED indicates unit On, Hi Lo button red LED indicates unit on high level. If too hot, press Hi Lo button and power is reduced to a lower temperature (Not Off). If too cool, press Hi Lo button and temperature is increased.

85 mm  dia

Production line to Europe